TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement


Adi Shankaras Guru Gaudapada wrote in his Gauḍapāda Kārikā(bzw. Māṇḍukya Kārikā) about a seven-level model of consciousness (Saptanga) and about the state 'turīya avasthā', which is associated with silence, while the other three correspond to AUM.

* The Transzendental Meditation is advertised as the fourth transcendental state of consciousness, 'calm wakefulness', which however only slightly corresponds to the advertised fourth  Turiya - state.

In the meantime, the number of states of consciousness that can (supposedly!) be reached has been expanded to seven. But these are not the saptabhūmikā of the Yogavasishtha.

  Maharishi about the 7 states of consiousness (Youtube) - up to a illusionary unity-consiousness - which a black tantra master cannot have  !


The fees for the TM-Initiation

Meditation initiation fees were only around $ 100 when the movement began in 1958. But that changed in a drastic way.

The somewhat macabre pricing, despite the limited business capacity of young people, who represent a potential for seekers and curious people, left questions unanswered at the time.

An associated course then cost  considerable more.

In 2002 the TM movement increased the prices for TM initiation and switched to a licensing system. In 2014 the prices were e.g. at 500 euros per person with special conditions for students and families - also depending on personal income.

Others prices for a  course were at 1190 Euro. The course is now spread over up to 12 months.

My question is what You really learn.....?  - eventually dependent upon the Initiator.....

The later 5 so-called advanced techniques (fertilizer) are chargeable as well as the WKI(SCI) (SCI) courses and the foam rubber jumping courses.

Evtl. You can also pay in TM - 'Raam' - currency. The initiator is mostly a freelancer.


Mechanics of the Technique (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) - (Youtube)

John Hagelin, the crowned Quantum physicist anmd Raja  ........  :What you can associate with meditation ..... to impress.(Youtube)
According to an old wording from Wikipedia: In Transcendental Meditation, the meditator should sit comfortably and upright and mentally repeat a mantra, a Sanskrit word, with eyes closed. The choice of mantras is kept secret by the organization.
The following notes were given to "" decades ago, therefore without guarantee and of course only for information and therefore not recommended by me for exercise!  (I personally would mostly practice other mantras regardless of my knowledge!)

The meditation introduction regarding to Minet


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