TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement

The history of the TM movement from 1980 to 2000

Major steps of the development of the movement  in the 80es were

Worldgovernment of the age of enlightenment

In 1980, Maharishi returned from Seelisberg to India and established the Maharishi Nagar (MMYVV) as the Indian center of the movement near New Delhi.

Other centers were created in Fairfield (Iowa 52557,USA) and in the Netherlands(MERU - Vlodrop).

In India (MMYVV)  is a ground for such mass movements, especially when it is connected with livelihood and jobs. [ Video of 2011 !]

After all, Maharishi opened the long-planned "World Government of the Age of Enlightenment" - with ministers and governors and Rajas.

In 1983 appeard in the german STERN magazine (R) and also international a full-page advertisement in which the 'World Government of the Age of Enlightenment' invited all governments to solve their problems. The payment needed first take place after the achievement, etc.. In the process one relied even boldly on Guru Dev Brahmananda Sarasvati.

At that time, thousands of meditators believed to be enlightened, since rumors were in circulation for many years, with the TM - meditation one would be enlightened within 5-7 years (besides kosmic consciousness - s.a.: Reller, 2000, S. 794).

 Yogic (Pseudo or illusory)-Flyers

In 1986 Maharishi added a fake Siddhi-flying within the so-called Siddhi program with its expensive preparatory courses, - which still has not been given up.  At first the foam rubber mats were not visible in the photos.

It turned out, however, during the expensive courses that it was about muscle contractions on thick mats with the lazy prominse(USA-court) of later hovering.  True hovering could not be demonstrated so far (---> Hopping video of the magazine 'Report' Munich 2004).

In 1986, Maharishis published his next book 'Thirty Years Around the World: 1957-1964 , Stichting Drukkerij en Uitgeverij MVU.

After the judgment of the German Federal Administrative Court of 1989, which also became the basis of later judgments against the sect, Mahrishi moved the Guru Dev somewhat from the center and swerved on the old Veda and Ayur-Veda, which Shankara had replaced by  Advaita-Vedanta, and Maharishi propagated a so-called Vedic science.

In Ayurveda were at first turmoils caused by looking and lack of competence.

  The case Kropinski

Finally, a suspicious TM initiator, Robert Kropinski, visited the Shankara Order and received a disillusioning description of Maharishi, which he recorded and published in 1987 in 'The Illustrated Weekly of India'.

Mr. Kropinski complained before the court in the USA with success, and in 1987 also because of unfulfilled prpmises.

In 1990, the Maharishi relocated his headquarters from Seelisberg, Switzerland, to a former Franciscan monastery in Vlodrop, the Netherlands, which became known as MERU - Holland, on account of the Maharishi European Research University (MERU) campus there. After 2000 Maharishi dwelled mainly there.

1991 Maharishi fell seriously ill in India possibly through a poison attack - which the movement  obscured. Deepak Chopra was involved in the recovery. Maharishi was brought to England and recovered unsettled.


   Scientists and crowned Rajas

In 1984, the sect succeeded to win the physicist John Hagelin, who had worked at CERN and SLAC, and who was then crowned as 'Raja of the Invincible America' and now has a leading position in the TM-Movement, for the 'unified field theory' propagated by Maharishi.

But Maharishis unified field theory(Maharishi effect) contradicts all Hindu plane models, and modern physics tries to approach it in a different form. [Battling or Consicousness: Prof Hagelin on Youtube]

"Field effect as the effect of coherence and positivity caused by the field of infinite interaction; so-called (unproven) 'Maharishi effect' as a field effect of consciousness on the level of the unified field of all natural laws, the field of transcendental consciousness that permeates every life" - ie lots of exaggerated fancy.

Other terms were "Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Miracles" (and quantum healing).

How the degree of a TM - Fairfield University's doctor looks like can be seen from this.

In 2000 the Lebanese neurology professor Toni Nader was crowned as the supreme ruler of the 'Global Country of World Peace', who had published a "study" of planetary impacts, and who had sat down on  a large weighing scale and had received his own weight in gold.

Soon afterwards the sect selled an expensive coronation to a Raja.[see Video !]

 Nature law party

A branch of the sect is also the natural law party still existing in Austria and the USA [MWS; >> Video !; Wiki]
The word "Siddhi" supposedly means "perfection" and "higher powers" in Sanskrit, so that, according to advertising by means of the TM-Sidhi program, a mastery of the natural laws, unknown in normal waking consciousness, can be achieved and the individual at the same time in ever more intensive harmony with the natural laws in their own thinking and acting.


in Hinduism denote special supernatural powers and abilities that are difficult to reach, which according to tradition are e.g. obtained through Samyama practice, of which Pantanjali warns and does not give instructions as often incorrectly claimed, and which in their usual form are more likely to be assigned to black Tantra, which uses forces and abilities for personal wordly aspirations.