TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement

The foam rubber hopping (Pseudoflying)

In 1978, the TM-movement published pictures of flying meditators in Lotus-seat. (german PDF)

Maximum brain wave coherence leads (allegedly) to the complete execution of the respective sidhis. In the case of the flight sidhi, for example, the body is at the moment of maximum coherence." 

The question of the present reporters, whether they could experience this phenomenon "here at this point" was blocked by the TM supporters with the reference to the 'missing presence of competent scientists' - and it  has never been presented until today(exept the foam hopping).

Even the (german)  natural law - party had 1995 a electioneering foam-rubber-hopper - film. The canadin branch still exists.

Lately  the images are more refined, i. snapshots of foam-hopping and no hard manipulable videos (the Bezier-curves cut-out technique makes it possible; fake images are widespread in the internet), and there exists also a superfoam.

* Here are some examples of simple manipulated  Levitation-Photos-----and here with shadow

Several movies of levitatorshovering Yogis and magicians (also Mr. Copperfield) are also on Youtube .

* On expensive courses, it turned out that it was only muscle contractions on foam rubber mats.

Maharishi founded an 'invincible defense group' of so-called 'yogic flyers', which was also designed to remove tensions in the world.

...YOGIC Flying (Foam rubber levitation) science...

What is Yogic Flying?," Asks Larry King to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi... (Youtube)

Unified field -- Dr. Hagelin...(Youtube)
Anm.: A similar 'field' exists in hinduism in form of the fourdimensional Maya, the material substance, which vibrates under the influence of the atman (consciousness), so that in connection with the intermediate stage of Prakriti(the higher nature) the material worlds are formed. But every Hindu meditation avoides that Maya-force(Avidya), and Patanjali warns from such forces.

The 'conzept' of his 'holyness' was gross seen a 'global country of worldpeace' on the basis of 'invincible nations' with support of an 'INVINCIBLE DEFENCE GRPOUP' on the basis of allegedly   'yogic coherent TM-Flyers'(better : Foam rubber hoppers) in the unproven 'unified field' with the TM - worldgovernemt in castle Mentmore(which has meanwhile been abandoned).
A psychiatrist would probably comment: Such a case we have not had ?

Yogic meditative Flying - it happend before us - now we come - hopplahopp - the pseudo coherent Fly-illusion (Youtube)

Yogic Flying - Team (Youtube)

Yogic TM-Flying 'Demo' October 2003 (Youtube) ...


Yogic Flying - Meru 2016 (Youtube)


Yogic Flying - competition 2016 (Youtube)


Yogic Flying - final 2017 (Youtube)

Yogic hopping and then wait and wait and wait 
and wait...for the first 'levitation' (step2) and then still later step 3...

* A not neutral Wiki about TM-Siddhis

My further comment: When i see the hopping meditators thoughts like 'dupery' and "awakenening of false hopes (court!)" go throught my head.

Therefore a hint : You can also meditate in a cable-raleway and then float(its very much cheaper and without disappointment...)...and of couse 'fly' like this :

This hopping is also possible with  many modern mattresses .

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