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Natural law

"Transcendental Consciousness is the Unified Field of Natural Law. Modern Quantum Field Theory (<< P.S. It has of course not ! ) has established, that there is one unified field at the basis of all the creativity of natural law. So when one transcends, one gets into that level of intelligence, which is all-knowingness. This is enlightenment(...and pure nonsense about enlightenment). And one spontaneously begins to think better in every way - and better means right for everyone, useful for everyone, and quickly achieving the desire. That is enlightenment." Maharishi (Ref :

According to Maharishi, the Veda is the basis for the countless natural laws, of which today's science knows only a sub-range. Maharishi propagated a 'unified field of all natural laws', which at the same time was the potential of all natural laws. To this there was according to his sight a western scientific and an eastern meditative approach. The Vedas, the Samkhya and the Bhagavad Gita had to serve as a scientific background. He who comes to the source of thought, attains certain faculties and is able to determine his fate within the natural laws.

There is, however, de facto no western scientific access to such high planes, and there will surely never be any. The Samkhya-Philosophy has no Shabda, which emanates out of the 'big emptyness' and surrounds the Trimurti. Our Reality is Maya (Mula-Prakriti) which is a unified field, which hinders with its darkening and tamasic qualities that man can recognize the divine(Krishna,Gita). Similar the Higgs-field gives the particles a mass, while they are in this field.


* Does the unified field have a creator (Maharishi 2003) - Youtube

== Natural law party ==

An offshoot of the sect is the natural law party, which still exists in Austria and in the USA [MWS; >> Video !; Wiki]

The 'natural law party' proposed that political problems could be solved through alignment with the "Unified Field" of all the laws of nature through the use of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.

"Natural Law" referred to "the ultimate source of order and harmony displayed throughout creation. Harmony with Natural Law could be accomplished by the practice of Transcendental Meditation and the more advanced techniques. Because of scientific studies of these techniques(alpha waves, alleged coherence), it considered this to be a science-based approach.

The NLP proposed that a government subsidized group of 7,000 advanced meditators known as Yogic Flyers would lower nationwide stress, reduce unemployment, raise the gross national product, improve health, reduce crime, and make the country invincible to foreign attack.(Ref : Wiki)

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