TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement


The Sanskrit word "Siddhi" means "perfection" and "higher powers", so that according to TM-Advertising with the TM-Sidhi program a mastery, that is unknown in the normal waking consciousness, can be obtained over the natural laws, and so the individual at the same time can live in an ever more intensive harmony with the laws of nature in his own thinking and action......

       Invincibility tower in Fairfield

One of the main themes within the TM-Siddhi-Program  propagated by Maharishi was the so-called invincibility associated with his 'concept' of the 'global country of worldpeace' on the basis of so-called 'invincible nations' with the support of an 'invincible defense group' on the basis of yogic allegedly coherent  TM-Flyers'(better: foam rubber hoppers - see below) in the so-called ''uniform field''.

Invincibility as direct technological application of the most advanced discoveries (like in adventure games ?) in the fields of quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and human consciousness.

1999 Maharishi announced "The Year of Invincibility to Every Nation".

2008 In this context, Maharishi founded the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust on 11 January 2008 shortly before his death, "to secure the invincibility for the whole of mankind over time by supporting the groups of Vedic TM pundits in the world capital of Raam Raj Brahma-Sthan (center of India) on the 48 Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar (road), and in all Maharishi towers of invincibility around the world. But this did not mean that Maharishi invested a large part of his huge assets or later inherited.

Maharishi designed the invincible structure of the enlightened leadership of the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trusts, now and for all future generations. The patron of trust would always be His Holiness "Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math" who had (supposedly) accepted to take this great position".

His successor, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, bourgeois, Tony Nader, a Lebanese neurophysiology professor, had been crowned 2000 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as the 'First Regent of the Global Land of World Peace' and awarded the honorary title 'Nader Raam'.

To the continuance of Maharishi's teachings, he announced the construction of 48 'Towers of Invincibility' in 48 countries. [-> Wiki of 31.5.2017]

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*   Maharishi vedic city Iowa (PDF)