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Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is a precious discipline of my Vedic Science and technology of consciousness, and commands authority over the whole range of the ever-expanding universe. Its contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and any nation. - Maharishi

  Maharishi  vedic Astrology

As part of his "Vedic science", Maharishi integrated Vedic astrology, within the framework of which horoscopes are created and courses can be taken.

Various services and courses are offered for this purpose:

1. Comprehensive Birth Chart

2. Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

3. Maharishi Yagya Recommendation (Vedic achievements to improve fate and fulfill wishes)

4. Auspicious Starting Time: Muhurta (for starting  a new activity)

5. Compatibility Analysis(Areas of harmony or disharmony between two people)

6. Selection of an Auspicious Name (Nam-Karan)

Maharishi Jyotish services are offered by the Brahmananda Saraswati Jyotish Foundation.


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Jyotish and Yagya (Youtube)

Knowing the Self is the one solution to all problems(Youtube)

The Jyotish and Yagya Programmes are for the development of enlightenment—life free from dependence on surroundings and circumstances, and mastery over one's own destiny. It is possible to live life free from suffering and problems through the preventive influence of Yagya performances. Yagya is a means to accomplish perfection in life.'—Maharishi


But  hindu-astrology doesnt come from the vedas - where the zodiac is unknown. The Manusmṛti ( 3.162-167) and the MahaBharata( 13.90.10 ;  12. 77(76).8 ;  13.107(104).62): ) disapprove Brahmins who live from astrology.


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