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Maharishi-Sthapatya-Veda® is one of the many trademarks of the movement.

Maharishis Vastu-Vidya is Maharishis 'revival' of a so-called 'Vedic architecture in harmony with the natural law'. It is supposed to describe the 'natural blueprints and structuring laws that make every single particle of creation remain in a state of perfect harmony with everything else'.

In this 'perfect' system the influences of the sun, the moon, stars and planets with respect to the north and south poles, as well as the equator, are taken into account.

('Strange') residential buildings, office buildings and settlements built according to Maharishi-Sthapatya-Veda combine the individual life with the Cosmic Life and 'ensure' that all good influences from the near and distant environment to the inhabitants good come, while at the same time all negative influences are repelled. It is supposedly designed to reconcile the individual with the cosmos.

== Vastu shastra ==

The Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is an ancient Indian architectural system that forms part of the Vastu Vidya. It is part of the Sthapatya Veda of Yajurveda. The relevant texts describe construction principles, plans and mass as well as preparation of the land. The constructions should include esoteric geometry and spiritual principles, among others. in the form of yantras and mandalas(Manduka mandala).

== Peace palaces ==

In 2002, Maharishi announced that he intended to save world peace by himself, after the governments of this world have refused his patent recipes for decades. For this purpose should  worldwide peace-palaces be built.

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