TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement


The TM-Sidhi Techniqs (Sidhi-Programm wit 7 techniqs for 'progressed' inclusive the yogic 'flying'), also from Minet

At first the TM-Sidhi Program  of 1976 consisted of sentences from  sutras, which were every 15 second mentally repeated  after 20 minutes of meditation. Each sutra was repeated twice with a pause of 15 seconds, and with a second pause between each repetition. On the Merv Griffin Show, 1977, Maharishi introduced the TM Sidhis.

Maharishi sobre o programa de MT Sidhi - 1983 Inglaterra (Youtube)

Soon after that followed a illusionary flying-techniqe ( foam rubber levitation ) with the illusionary expectation of a sudden uplifting in the air - of course with an relative expensive initiation on special courses - and with 3 steps of 'development'(as an excuse)....

Also other magic-occult abilities were in the discussion. Maharishi : 'There is nothing a meditator cannot do because he is opened for infinity.

There is nothing a meditator cannot do ... Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Youtube)

Maharishi then related to  Patanjali. But Patanjali warns in his Yogasutras that such binding forces  hinder true progress.

* Mahrishi about Patanjali  (Youtube)

The TM-Sidhi program is nothing other than a set of sutras (words or
phrases), mentally repeated every fifteen seconds after doing a twenty
minute session of TM.  Each sutra is mentally repeated twice (if time allows 4
times) - a 15 second pause in between each repetition.

The sutras used in the TM-Sidhi program are:
Strength of an elephant
Bronchial tube
Inner light
Distinction between intellect and transcendence
Transcendence intition
Transcendence finest hearing
Transcendence finest sight
Transcendence finest taste 
Transcendence finest smell

* Minet : The Sutras

* The Levitation- oder "Flying-techniqe"

Mahesh Yogi, Maharishi (2001). Ideal India: the lighthouse of peace on earth. Maharishi University of Management Press. S. 308. ISBN 978-90-806005-1-5 :

....Yogic Flying is a phenomena [sic] created by a specific thought projected from Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of all possibilities. This is the simplest state of human consciousness, self-referral consciousness, which is easily accessible to anyone through Transcendental Meditation, and is enlivened through the TM Sidhi Programme, which leads to Yogic Flying.....

This techniqe became known as ' Relationship of body and Akasha - lightness like cotton fiber '( its just that akashi is not light but empty)

* An example from the 9. mandala of the Rig-Veda :

The much touted *levitation* or yogic flying technique is a sutra repeated
in the same way as other sutras:

After doing the flying sutra for 5-30 minutes, the instruction is to rest
for 10-30 minutes and then read the Hindu Scriptures for -10 minutes.

An example of the readings (from the Ninth Mandala of Rig Veda)
"Flow Soma, in a most sweet and exhilarating stream, effused for Indra to
drink.  The all-beholding destroyer of Rakshasas has stepped upon his
gold-smitten birthplace, united with the wooden cast.  Be the lavish giver
of wealth,  most bounteous, the destroyer of enemies; bestow on us the
riches of the affluent.  Come with food to the sacrifice of the mighty
gods, and bring us strength and sustenance.  To thee we come,  O dropping
Soma;  for thee only is this our worship day  by day, our prayers are to
thee, none other."

Meanwhile these sutras have been updated with others from the vedas.

Research completed May 1977 [Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation Program, Collected Papers, Volume 1, David W. Orme Johnson, Ph.D. and John T. Farrow, Ph.D., eds., Maharishi European University Press, Livingston Manor, First Edition, 1977]

From the introduction, pages 701-704: The basic element in the TM-Sidhis is the experience of "samyama" . . . a spontaneous mental process that begins to take place once pure consciousnes, or "samadhi," is established to a sufficient degree of stability to coexist with mental activity.....

Commentary : Here the TM-Meditation is uplifted to an illusionary  samadhi,  because samadhi is a foundation for Samyama  and levitation - siddhis. The fertilizers with the long mantrams are a prereqisitory for the siddhi  techniqs,  and so people have a motivation to take the costly fertilizer - initiations - which brings continuous money to the initiators and to the growing organization in india...

* But Maharishi did not allow a personal brain current measurement nor did he levitate himself.