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From TM-EX Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 5, Fall, 1992


A Visit to the Shankaracharya, Part IV

[Editor's Note: The following transcript is taken directly from the taped conversations between Robert Kropinski, a former TM teacher and follower of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Shree Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswati, a pre-eminent disciple of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (Guru Dev), who is considered Mahesh Yogi's Spiritual Master.]

Q: My Lord, it is reported by some that with this type of meditation many people have harmed themselves physically and mentally. I think people give huge amounts of money to buy some sickness for themselves?

Shankaracharya: For correct meditation it is necessary to control the emotions of the mind (Chitta). Mind should be free from `raga' and `dweshara' or attachment, likes and aversion, dislikes. So long as mind is not indifferent to outside objects, is not rid of its impurities, free from desires, material objects, etc., wavering mind continues to exist and mind does not stop thinking about them. This process that Mahesh Yogi teaches, there is not place for such a spiritual pursuit. Anyone who comes to him, whether he is a meat-eater, or an alcoholic, he is initiated into dhyaan [TM]. In minds, where attachment and aversion continue to be present, they try to concentrate on outside objects. Because, the process of his yoga is that you sit quietly, let the mind wander wherever it goes, you just repeat the mantra I gave you.

For example, when mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel with each other and after that sit for transcendental meditation (Vabatita) in transcendental meditation center, what will they meditate on? Mother-in-law will meditate on daughter-in-law and vice versa. The reason is simple, both of them are still full of hatred for each other. Without accomplishing the kind of ability needed for meditation, if one meditates, it can be fatal. This is true, however, making the people who are physically very tired, sit peacefully and make them do some yoga posture like shavvasan, etc. can provide temporary peace. But, such a process is not at all helpful in destroying our sins. This (TM) is a worldly Yoga. For people who are distressed by worldly objects, or by worldly problems, they can temporarily forget the world. However, even this much is not achieved if they sit without control over their minds.

One should be qualified for meditation or in other words show them the necessary prerequisites to do meditation.

Who comes to practice this so-called `yoga' (TM), and comes with all anxieties, worries and filled with all worldly thoughts.

Q: [The following paragraph was then read to Shankaracharya from a TM brochure]: Furthermore, there is a specific set of mantras handed down for centuries in the Shankaracharya tradition that seems to have a special property of becoming increasingly pleasing as they are perceived a finer stages. These particular sounds are mantras in Sanskrit. The Shankaracharya tradition has preserved not only these sounds but also a system of rules or formulas by which they are to be assigned to individuals.

And this is what he (Mahesh) is saying in print. These are the mantras he gives to people.

Shankaracharya: He (Mahesh) made them up. These are not given by Guruji (Guru Dev). He (Mahesh) was an ordinary clerk.

People here in India are concerned. He (Mahesh) cheated millions of rupees from people like him (Kropinski). Because of his cheating practices, people might lose faith on Indian Spirituality. Swami Vivekanand and Swami RamTirth left a good impression in America. We wanted that impression to continue. It makes me sad that some people from here like Rajneesh and Mahesh went there (to America) and they destroyed those good feelings. Mahesh has caused a severe blow to Indian culture.

Q: [The following statement was then read to Shankaracharya from a TM brochure. It was explained that this brochure was allegedly spoken by Shankaracharya about Mahesh. Later, Bevan Morris, the President of MIU, read the statement to TM participants by when attempting to raise money from donations.]

He (Mahesh Yogi) comes from the tradition of Shree Shankaracharya. He (Mahesh) is a disciple just like the Master (Guru Dev). He is the bestower of light and is the incarnation of Shankaracharya, the (Mahesh) is the Rishi of the Rishis (Divine Seers), greatest of the great, greater than greatness, he is the reason of the welfare of the tradition of Shankaracharya...

Shankaracharya: Only he can dispel darkness who does not want anything. Only such a person can drive people out of darkness to light. But he himself (Mahesh) is in darkness.

We want that people like you should tell others that he does not know anything about yoga. Neither he is serving American people nor Indian people.~