The TM organisation is hierarchically structured.

The world government of the 'kingdom of peace' for the era of enlightenment with its headquarters, which was at first located in Maharishi Nagar near New Delhi, is at the top.

Below this level function individual TM organizations or their national associations, which have changed organizationally over time, and are currently available in the form of various organizations, foundations and political parties.

 DEUTSCHER VERBAND e.V.  Vereinsregister Düsseldorf VR 5426  (Anlage 23)
 Beanspruchte Gemeinnützigkeit. Gründung 1968.

2. German area : Internationale Meditationsgesellschaft (IMS), Gesellschaft der Weltregierung des Zeitalters der Erleuchtung zur Förderung der TM und der Wissenschaft der Kreativen Intelligenz (GTM), Siddha Corporation, Samhita GmbH, Maharishi Veda GmbH, Vedisches Friedenskorps, Weltplan-Center, Center des Zeitalters der Erleuchtung, Maharishi-Kolleg für Naturgesetz, Akademie für Vedische Wissenschaft, Maharishi Kolleg, Maharishi Kolleg für Vedische Medizin, Maharishi Weltfriedens-Stiftung, Maharishi GmbH, Maharishi Center für Unbesiegbarkeit.[1]

3. International: Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM),  first name: Deutscher Verband Geistiger Erneuerungsbewegung.   Gründungsmitglied u.a.: Graf Nikolaus Blücher   Stellv. Vorsitzender: Hanspeter Ritterstaedt  (Anlage 19)   Seat: Munich;  Name-change 1967 ;  Vereinsregister München 389 N2 und 6571  (Anlage 20)

4. World Plan Executive Council, (Weltvereinigung für Ayurveda-Medizin), Maharishi Global Revenue Fund, World Peace Endowment Fund, Global Country of World Peace, Brahmanada Saraswati Trust.

Educational institutions that rely on Maharishi's doctrine are, The Maharishi University of Management (MUM) (formerly Maharishi International University, MIU) and the Maharishi European Research University (MERU, Switzerland and the Netherlands) as well as the Meru-MVU.

The original MUM-campus was located in Goleta, California, and in 1974 moved to the current 370-acre campus in Fairfield, Iowa. During the 1990s many older buildings were demolished and replaced using green technology and the principles of ancient Vedic architecture

In 1979, the MERU Foundation acquired the former College of St. Ludwig in the Dutch town of Vlodrop and expanded the headquarters of the TM movement there.

5. In Germany, the movement is via the Samhita GmbH in Bissendorf, which represents the financial interests of the organization and the 'Gesellschaft für Transzendentale Meditation, Deutscher Verband e. V. ', with seat in Bremen, which distributes TM technology and represents TM teachers. In addition, the center in Erfurt gained influence.

6. In India, the organization maintains a network of private elementary schools (Maharishi Vidya Mandir). The Maharishi College of Natural Law was established in Orissa India in 1982 and was supported by donations from Maharishi Institute of Creative Intelligence (MICI).

7. In Cambodia, it maintains three campuses of a Maharishi Vedic University (MVU): agricultural-oriented facilities with the faculties of medicine, agriculture and management.

8. In South Africa, too, the organization now operates since 2007  several centers under the leadership of the  Maharishi Invincibility Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa.

9. The USA school center is located in Fairfield (Iowa).

The organization operates the satellite TV and webcast station Maharishi Channel - Maharishi Open University (2016: stopped - now with abo), which was broadcasting five multilingual programs. [53] [54]

[1] Gerald Willms: Die wunderbare Welt der Sekten: Von Paulus bis Scientology. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht; Auflage: 1. Auflage 2012, S. 196.

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According to  Koppel, Lily (February 6, 2008). "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a Guide On the Beatles' Spiritual Path, Dies". New York Times. S. C.10.  the movement is to have trained approximately 40000 TM teachers by 2008.


In 1983 Maharishi moved from the Swiss Seelisberg to the Netherlands and bought the former monastery of St. Ludwig near Vlodrop directly at the German border. In 1967 he had visited Amsterdam for the first time.

Meru-mvu, founded there, is located near Roermond on the German border. After 2000 Vlodrop was his mean seat. But besides he dwelled often in Fairfield (Iowa).