TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV)  

In 1980, Maharishi returned from Seelisberg to India and established the Maharishi Nagar (MMYVV) as the temporary Indian center of the movement near New Delhi.

Other centers were created in Fairfield (Iowa 52557,USA) and in the Netherlands(MERU - Vlodrop) and in South-Africa.

In India (MMYVV)  is a ground for such mass movements, especially when it is connected with livelihood and jobs.

Worldgovernment of the age of enlightenment 

After all, Maharishi opened the long-planned "World Government of the Age of Enlightenment" - with ministers and governors and Rajas - in my opinion a chicanery of the followers because  he had to be clear about the outcome.

The large room of a hotel in Seelisberg in Switzerland was painted golden, the male initiators had to dress themselves in blue, the female initiators had to dress themselves red and sit apart.

The former german initiator Therese Schulte has reported extensively in her book ("Transzendentale Meditation und wohin sie f├╝hrt -Transcendental Meditation and where it leads", which unfortunately is out of print, but both in my posession).

In the magazine "Worldgovernment" No. 3 of 1978 on page 30 Maharishi's new world order is described.

Maharishi had surrounded himself with a group of about 100 disciples, all of whom had private income. In the distribution of the ministerial posts of the world government had the Sanskrit scholar Vernon Kaz, the Brahmachari Nandikishore, and Versey Crichton the right to be address with 'their honor'. The 10 areas of responsibility  of the Ministers were:

1. Development of consciousness
2. Natural law and order
3. Cultural Integrity, Invincibility and worldharmony
4. Education and enlightenment
5. Solemnity and fulfillment
6. Prosperity and progress
7. Information and inspiration
8. Research and Development
9. Capital cities of the age of enlightenment
10. Health and immortality

So-called governors were to support these ministers: 'For the administration of the age of enlightenment, teachers and governors of the era of enlightenment should be trained. A governor will be someone who has the natural ability to fulfill his desires' (Maharishi)

In addition, there were course coordinators, national leaders (as currently in Germany Mr. Schiffgens) and trustees. Thus, a network of bureaucracy was formed over the meditator. The lessons were recorded on video, and Maharishi was barely reachable for average meditators.

The solution of all problems ....

In 1983 appeard in two german magazines and also international a full-page advertisement, in which the 'World Government of the Age of Enlightenment' invited all governments to solve their problems. The payment needed first take place after the achievement, and solution of the specific problems etc ..

In the articles in the german 'Stern' and 'Spiegel', Maharishi refered to Guru Dev Brahmananda Saraswati, although Maharishi was expressly not requested by Guru Dev as successor, and was not, of course, entrusted with his mission.
I can not publish the ridiculously freaked full-page article of the Stern magazine, which still provides much more, unfortunately for copyright. - but of course or to disappointment the governments did not visit the 'spiritual worldgovernment'.

== Summary of the content ==

The world government of the age of enlightenment enjoys sovereignty in the domain of consciousness and authority in the invincible power of natural law ...

The unified field of all natural laws has (allegedly) been outlined by the theory of supergravation in quantum physics, and, as Maharishi recently brought to light, this is (allegedly) completely contained in the ancient Vedic literature (this led to the foundation of Maharishi's "Vedic University.") But his teaching stands in contrary to the Indian tradition and the tradition of Shankara etc..(Neo Hinduism)

The application of this knowledge had led to Maharishi's system of education, health, administration, defense and rehabilitation.

'The invitation of the World Government to all governments' was based on this knowledge(Note: partnership!)  to ascend to  a new level of "problem-free governing".

The individual will enjoy a life free of problems and suffering, and the whole human family  will enjoy lasting world peace - the age of 10,000 years of enlightenment.......