TM -Elucidation - the true backgrounds of the TM- Meditation - movement

   After 2000 : Peace palaces, invincibility towers, successorship...


In 2002, Maharishi asked his german followers to accuse the german federal government because of the bad health policy, but the lawsuits were rejected because they were formulated too broadly.(see: the Towers of Mentmore)

Peace palaces and Maharishi-Sthapatya-Veda®

In 2002 Maharishi proposed the establishment of so-called "peace palaces" with a vedic Vastu architecture. [Peace palaces; TM Real Estate (Fairfield); Peace palace Hannover: Interview ....]

His Maharishi-Sthapatya-Veda® defined a Vedic architecture in accordance with the 'Maharishi nature law'.

His concept of a "Vedic City" was specifically implemented in India and the USA in Iowa from 1991.

The construction of the city should reflect the TM-Nature-Law - and thus the 'construction' of the universe ...


2004 Maharishi  lost his most important and disappointed longtime worth millions financial sponsor Earl Kaplan, who named him a liar, deceiver and brainwasher.

Currently, the actor David Lynch with his Davidlynchfoundation is a well-known donor collector , who opened a 'Foundation for Conscious-Oriented Education and World Peace'.

This for Mr. Lynch unpleasant presentation (Flying yogis and flying millions) has evtl. a bit of truth content...).

In an interview with the 'Wiener Zeitung', Mr. Lynch stated in 2005: 'We are still collecting. I have founded a foundation called the "David Lynch Foundation for Concentration Based Education and Worldpeace".

Consciousness-oriented education and world peace go hand in hand. We are striving for a training based on a unified field. The unified field was discovered by quantum physicists only 25 years ago, but it is long known in the Vedic science. It is called "Atma", which means "self" or "soul". It is the power station - all matter and all spirit come out of this field. You wish you could touch it, so super friendly it is. Maharishi Mahesh Yogis Gift to the world is the mental technique that opens the door to this field. (P.S. This field, of course, was not discovered in quantum physics - loud advertising for TM) (P.S. : It has of course not been found 25 Years ago. The Atma is unknown in Physics - and the new Higgs-Filed is similar to Maya)


2005  the high scools for 'Invincible defense' in Genf und Hannover were dedicatet.

At the Guru Purnima, July 29, 2007, the first almost 14-meter-high 'invincibility tower' was built on a hill between the two meditation halls of the 'Maharishi University of Management' (Fairfield, Iowa) , USA, and inaugurated of 500 Indian pandits at the end of an invincibility course.

Dr. Eike Hartmann, TM Minister for Architecture of the Global Land of World Peace, had designed it.

A little later, Dr. Benjamin Feldman, Finance Minister of the Global Land of World Peace, presented a list of the names of more than 50 countries, in which the foundations for the invincibility towers are laid at the Guru Purnima Day, in Germany, among others in Erfurt (and other invincibility schools).

In this context Maharishi founded the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust shortly before his death on January 11th, 2008, "which is supposed to ensure invincibility for the whole of humanity in the course of time by establishing the groups of Vedic TM pandits in the world capital of Raam Raj Brahma-Sthan (center of India) at 48 Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar (street) continuously supported and in all Maharishi towers of invincibility around the world, but this did not mean that he invested part of his huge fortune or bequeathed it to the trust.  --- with the alleged agreement of Shankaracharya Vasudevanand Saraswati .

In 2010, a disappointed friend of several wrote a book (Robes of Silk Feet of Clay) about her affair with Maharishis from 1971-1972 (John Lennon had already commented on such things in Rishikesh.).

New Prices

Further details on  the drastic increased prices since 2002 and the conversion of the initiators to a licensing system can be found at, who try to present themselfes as a nonprofit organisation.

Also the Maharishi Ayurveda-Shops pay licenses comparable with a Franchise-System.

Prices( 2020) were from  500 Euro pro adult Person upwards with special conditions for children, students u.a..

Seminars, Fertilizers and Siddhi-Techniques make further big costs.


Which contemporary feels comfortable in this organisation can be guessed ! I have only touched the backgrounds here, and  i dissociate myself from so-called scientific proofs without a proven reference to spirituality.

Prerequisite for true spirituality is true deep introspection (Svadhyaya). The Ashtanga yoga, which has often been wrongly referenced by members of the movement since 1977, has the same prerequisites in Yama and Niyama - otherwise the 'black path' will be waving.

Maharishi, instead, recommends the effect of the ananda of meditation. Did the other gurus just want to make the disciples small ...?!  Maharishi himself, whom I personally rate as a black tantra master, is also a example for that --.. or.....?

However, Pantanjali warns against the Siddhis in the Yogasutras and, in contrast to some representations of the movement, does not give a guidance. The summation of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi can only be implemented by a highly developed Yogi with Samadhi and not by a highly-interpreted coherence and alpha-waves.

Transcendence is not only a "state of restful alertness" (alpha-waves; Maharishi 5 FEBRUARY 2008), possibly accompanied by coherence patterns, however deep this may be.

Therefore the (meanwhile overtaken) Samadhi teaching with specific Alphawaves, "recognized" by some meditators there, is another sad example of an attempt to "explain" the spirituality in a modern way and gain further influence and sucess and money. Spirituality cannot become spiritual materialism - that would be a variant of the black Tantra path.

Alpha waves are not indicative of spirituality. Transcendence is not just a relaxed "state of calm wakefulness" (alpha waves), possibly accompanied by patterns of coherence, however deep this may be. ( Maharishi 5. FEBRUAR 2008)

Meanwhile there are now more modern theories about strong gamma waves as a mark of deep meditation. The advanced Vajrayana monks associated with this do not practice Vipassana but mahamudra- or dzogchen - meditations. Therefore the samadhi teaching with specific alpha waves "recognized" by some local meditators and initiators is another sad example of an attempt to "explain" spirituality in a modern way and thus gain further influence.

* TM-Independent bends the samadhi doctrine and the nirvikalpa - samadhi in a completely pseudo-scientific way: "For 47% of beginners, TM leads to the experience of objectless samadhi in just a few days, and for another 40% to the samapatti experience just as quickly (Samadhi in Mix with objects) ", i.e. with reference to : Travis, F., Arenander, A., DuBois, D. (2004) Psychological and physiological characteristics of a proposed  object-referral/self-referral continuum of self-awareness. Consciousness and Cognition, Vol. 13 (2), pg.401 - 420. There a misleading false lower self is referenced. (It goes without saying that both authors belong to the Institute for Research on Higher States of Consciousness of the TM movement ...)

* The much-cited modern Quantum physics describes the area of the lower creations of Maya below the Prakriti, and it has not proved a 'uniform field' either (which is not the Shabda) but Mula-Prakriti or Maya-ethers).

Deep relaxation alpha - waves are not a sign of spirituality. Meanwhile there are also more modern theories about strong gamma - waves as a sign of deep meditation.


😟👎  In conclusion, I can only disapprove of the spirit that dominates the TM movement, which also has something to do with the fact, that the Yama and the Niyama of the propagated Pantanjali Yoga are not put into practice here. Spirituality can not become a spiritual materialism - that would be a variant of the black tantric path..

There are too many meditants here, mainly for the sake of success and siddhis, who have little to do with introspection (Svadhyaya) and who therefore would never have been accepted by traditional gurus.

I therefore personally classify this path as a modern variant of the black tantra path, which can lead at most to enlightenment. This is a completely natural false aspiration on our planet that results from identification with the material self.

The mere fact that so many souls do not sink into darkness, never to be seen again, is positive from my point of view.


😇 Maharishi's death and the successorship

On Wednesday, February 6, 2008, M. M. Yogi died in his Dutch residence, Vlodrop, with the alleged prior announcement that Maharishi had been welcomed in heaven.

His body was burned in India at the presence of the false Shankaracharya Vasudevananda Saraswati.



Since then is Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam Tony Nader President for the 'Global country of worldpeace' and Raja of the USA.

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In india overtook Maharishis nephew Girish Varma , who had been trained by Maharishi during his years in Seelisberg, the government of the TM-Movement, who also reigns the Vidya-Mandir-scools.